Este poema en inglés es algo complicado y muy complejo, tienes que saber muy bien el idioma para entenderlo, además el texto es profundo y da por terminado una relación que nunca existió, ¿o si? 

If it doesn’t concern ours to you,
It doesn’t interest to me, really.
If you do not love, why I must love you?
The beauty is a curse,
That I must suffer by your fault.
The wounds of the past,
Bleed in the present.
If I don’t matter to you,
Why to be with you?
If you like he,
Who I am to stop you?
If you never wanted to me,
Why all you gave me?
If you did not love,
Why you gave yourself to me,
My heart did not need to anybody…
… Like you.
If you do not like,


Why you wish me?
Why I was first?
Being so many to your around.
If you did not love to me,
It was better than you gave it by finished.
You do not come to cry,
Because no longer
I am going to you to console,
Ours always was unreal.
If you did not have to me,
You never were,
So forget me…!