Little girl lost in snowy night

So frozen inside
That I can’t even read my memories, it’s so dark.
Light up the candle, burn your life.
Burn your smile, burn your lies.
So cold, so lost, so divine.
It seems just another game of your mind.

How many times did I tell you?
Words we burn and freeze in the thought of…
Don’t run without the light.
You’re not an igniter, not a fighter.
Snow falls, and I’m burning inside.
Shivering cold blazes my skin.
Asking where have you been?
But you’re still watching me from distance.

After so many embers.
And so many winters.
This will be the last.
It’s okay to feel so unimportant.
But you’re not damaged honey.
Stop pretending, we all are.
Stop depending on nobody, we all are.
She stands still, running into nothing.
Just one lost soul searching for life.

I saw her running in the forest.
God knows if her nightmares will leave her alive.
Come back, before the death arrives.
Holding a firefly she’s running in the world of Losts.
Snow falls down, she’s not afraid.
And now she’s lying on the ground
Feeling self-asleep.
Is she dead or alive in deep?
Take a leap of faith.

Oh no, the darkness came.
You’re lost.
Behind the mask I hide the smile.
Behind your wrap I feel so inspired.
One more time feeling so empty into deep.
No willing to walk, just I creep.

Goodbye, little girl.
The timbers of darkness will shallow you.
It sounds so cruel, but I can’t so something.
You did it all by yourself.
This is not who I really ain’t! ??
I ain’t who I really shouldn’t be.
Empty storyline.
I’m an empty.
You’re just a storyline