I’ve seen this dream a while.
You’re smiling, I know it hurts.
Under this dark veil of the night we’re covered
I know we both are bleeding.
You’re alone, I’m alone, and we’re empty.
Drown in this ocean’s abyss.

I saw this mermaid.
Another puppet in Poseidon’s hands.
She’s dancing with an ethereal move
Beneath this silent ocean.
Moon rises up, and she’s ready to hide.
The spells still keep her caged but alive.
She’s still waiting him to come.
Once and for all, she will sing.
“We’re drifting far beyond the edge…Freedom”



Don’t search for answers when the questions never existed.
You have your path, another one pawn on the chessboard.
You’re drowning in a spoon with water.
That’s because this is the way they taught you.
And I don’t know if I shall drown or escape.
But still you’re an innocent.

Drop the mask that you hide your heart.
Keep pretending you’re okay.
Still you’re here asking for something
When things already lead to an end.

Swim and swim before we’re drown.
Swim and swim save your life.
I’m just another one boat drown in the deeps of the sea.
Reaching the bottom of this
Without even finding a treasure.
Then you know, it was all a lie.

Eyes watered with tears.
Hands shaking such as swimming.
A heart beat pounding without a breath.
Falling apart for once again.
Disappointed for once again.


Versión en español: Silencioso Océano