Cash me,

As I fall into you.

You drive me into madness

I think now I understand

What it means to be lost.


I thought that I was strong,

But I cannot take it anymore.

I know how to stop the pain,

If there is not another way.


I’ve been screaming
on the inside.

I’ve been calling

At your name.
And you still no feel my pain,

I guess it was over long time ago.


How can you think that I can pretending?

That everything is going to be alright?

With the whole world is falling around us.

Do you think that I don’t see?

The dying light of what we used to be?


We are so different

I don’t understand how we get here.

I knew deep inside,

It was destined to go wrong.


Now I can even hear my own thoughts,

So many dreams were broken

And so much was sacrificed.
Was it worth to leave me behind?

Will all your sins be justified?


I know how to stop the pain

If there is not another way.


First cuts the neatest,

I didn’t feel a thing.

Second cuts the deepest,

Never enough.

Third cuts the longest,

I just lost control.

Forth cuts the boldest,

I will never can wash the blood from my hands.


Don’t try to analyze me

I am not crazy.

I am addicted to pain,

And no one understand me.